Will a Rugged Topper fit my UTV?

Our toppers fit many Polaris and Can-Am UTV models. Check out our product descriptions for a full listing of compatible models.

How much does the topper weigh?

Our Rugged topper weighs less than 100 pounds.

Will temperature affect the durability of the topper?

Temperature will not affect the topper.

What is the topper made of?

Rugged toppers are made of 1/4" Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

Will the dump feature still work on the UTV?

You are still able to use the dump feature, but with the extra weight you will need to use caution when opening.

Can I have the topper on when trailering my UTV?

Yes, you can keep the topper on. We do suggest to check that the mounting hardware is tight from time to time.

Is it easy to take on and off?

With the topper weighing less than 100 pounds and only having to remove 4 fasteners, two people can remove the topper quickly. [Polaris Topper Install Video][Can-Am Topper Install Video]

Can I get the topper in a different color?

At this time we only offer the topper in black. If you would like to special order a topper in a different color, please contact us for pricing.

Do you have a warranty on your toppers?

Rugged warrants its products to be free from defects in manufacturing, workmanship, or materials for one year after purchasing.

Why Fiberglass?

Because it's Rugged, of course! We wanted to make an all-around product -- a product that you can take on the ice in extreme temperatures or use to make a new trail through the harshest terrain. We wanted it to be robust, versatile, and lightweight. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) met all of our requirements for making a durable, long-lasting Rugged topper. Watch our Why Fiberglass video.

Can I finance the Rugged Topper?

Yes, if you would like to spread out payments so you can enjoy your Rugged Topper right away, simply follow the checkout process and when ready to pay, use our Affirm Financing options. Discover other ways to help fund your Rugged products by reading our latest blog post, "It's Easier Than Ever To Get Rugged."

Can I make money selling Rugged products – Like an affiliate program?

Yes, Rugged has an affiliate program in which we reward our affiliates for generating unique content that promotes and sells our products. To learn more about this opportunity, visit our Affiliate page.  

Where can I see and touch a Rugged Topper?

We do not currently have a storefront, but if you are in our area of Plymouth, Wisconsin (1 hour north of Milwaukee), please contact us in advance to arrange a time to come to our warehouse to see the toppers. We also have some dealers around the country that offer Rugged Toppers. You can contact them and stop by their store to see firsthand just how awesome, how tough, and how durable the fiberglass Rugged Topper is!

Can I be a dealer for Rugged Toppers?

Our dealer network is growing! We'd love for you to join Rugged Nation. Please contact us for information on becoming a Rugged dealer.