Why Rugged Toppers?

The Toughest UTV Cargo Toppers In The Industry!

The founders of Rugged have a passion for the outdoors. We use UTVs in our everyday lives for both work and recreation, putting them through a lot of elements and riding in a variety of environments. Therefore, we needed a UTV topper that could hold up as well as our hard-working UTVs. We also wanted to ensure that any valuable equipment we stored in the back of our UTVs was safe and protected.

At Rugged, we stand 100% behind our products and our craftsmanship. All Rugged toppers are designed and manufactured right here in Wisconsin. Rugged is the ONLY manufacturer using fiberglass for UTV cargo bed enclosures. Our products are designed to be unique, durable, and high-quality. Customer service is our number one priority. We are always available for questions and assistance. Contact Rugged today for more information on a cargo topper for your UTV!

What is Rugged?

We are an outdoor enthusiast brand that produces customizable fiberglass UTV cargo toppers and accessories to help keep you organized and your gear protected.

Who is Rugged For?

Rugged is designed for those who are not afraid of hard work, getting dirty, pushing their gear to the limit, and searching for another reason to stay outside. Rugged is for hunters, farmers and ranchers, ice fishermen, construction workers, and land management UTV owners. 

Compatible UTV Brands

Our fiberglass toppers work on most Polaris and Can-Am models. Find out if Rugged fits your UTV by selecting "Get Fitted."

Why Fiberglass Toppers?

What's Your Rugged Story?

At one point or another, all UTV owners and users have wished for a more practical cargo bed and safer storage. As impressive as UTVs are, the limited cargo space and overall functionality of the bed can be underwhelming. The Rugged topper adds an additional 38 to 42 cubic feet of storage space, locks to prevent thefts, and is weatherproof to keep mud, rain, snow, and water off of your gear and cargo.

To help show off these cool features, we are looking for UTV enthusiasts and advocates to spread the word of what Rugged offers. We want to hear your stories of how you wish you had a solution like Rugged to help protect your belongings, and, of course, if you own a Rugged system already, we would love to hear your feedback and encourage you to share photos and videos via social media. Don’t forget to use our hashtag! #getrugged