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The Rugged fiberglass topper is designed to handle the toughest, most demanding environments, making it the leading UTV accessory to haul, store, and protect your gear.

We are unlike other UTV toppers which are made of aluminum or plastic, both of which are not built for long-lasting protection, durability, or security. "Rugged" is the perfect name for our fiberglass toppers because they are built to endure the toughest elements and absorb impacts better than any other topper on the market! Plus, our toppers are lockable to protect and safeguard your equipment. Whether for work or play, whether you are a farmer or hunter, whether for ice fishing or hitting the trails, Rugged's UTV toppers are built to be durable and versatile!

What UTV Brands Work with the Rugged Topper?

The crew at Rugged is focused on designing, manufacturing, and providing premium UTV toppers for the hunting, ice fishing, land management, and construction industries. Part of our growth plan is an aggressive commitment to ensure that we have product models tailored to each major UTV brand on the market.

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Who is Rugged For?

Rugged is designed for those who are not afraid of hard work, getting dirty, pushing their gear to the limit, and searching for another reason to stay outside when everyone else has run indoors. Our product serves the hunting, farming and ranching, ice fishing, construction, and land management UTV owners. 


Are you looking for a more secure way to haul your latest harvest out of the field? Are you sick of your gear and clothing getting wet or covered in mud and snow? Do you need a better place to safely store your firearm and other expensive hunting equipment? Are you constantly checking over your shoulder after each bump and turn, ensuring that nothing has fallen out of the back of your UTV? Instead of worrying about these things, get a Rugged topper, which adds an additional 38 to 42 cubic feet to your UTV cargo bed, and trust that your gear will be safe, secure, and dry. Our game is to protect yours. Let’s go hunting!

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Farmers and Ranchers

While developing the Rugged topper, we were especially excited to share our topper with the hardest working group of people we know – farmers! Not only is our topper designed to be rugged enough to handle the hardships of farm life, but adding an extra 38 to 42 cubic feet of storage space to haul more means being more efficient with your time and resources – two valuable things of which every farmer needs more. We even designed our topper so that you can still take advantage of the bed dumping functionality. Plus, you can drive over and through whatever you wish with no worries of losing your load. With UTVs being such a valuable part of everyday farm life, we sought to make your side-by-side even more practical. Do more. Do Rugged.

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Ice Fishermen

If only your ice fishing gear stacked nicely and did not spill all over your cargo bed when your UTV climbs over snow banks and bounces over ice heaves. If only all of your valuable equipment didn’t get covered in ice and snow as you move from one hot spot to the next. Not only does the fiberglass housing keep your ice shelter, drill and tackle from bouncing out of the cargo bed, but the additional shelving and bucket holders keep your equipment where you placed them. If you are like us, we would rather set up as quickly as possible and spend more time fishing versus untangling our gear. Rugged is our name, and ice fishing is our game.

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Rugged toppers – the job site safe. That’s right, our toppers lock and are made of extremely durable materials to keep your hardware and tools secure. No longer worry about someone walking off with your new saw. The Rugged topper is sealed to keep dust and water out of your UTV’s cargo bed, preventing Mother Nature from prematurely cleaning your tools. Rugged also has durable shelving and organizing accessories to help you find what you need when you need it. Work smarter, not harder. Rugged – the smart choice for your job site UTV.

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Land Management

Trees, rocks, sod, fence posts, chainsaws and shovels…these things pair perfectly with the Rugged topper. No longer worry about how you are going to haul your tools across acres of farm and woodlands to clean up several downed trees. The extra 38 to 42 cubic feet of storage added to your UTV bed, the durable quarter-inch thick fiberglass walls, the shelves for organizing your load and tools, and the full bed dumping function make the Rugged topper a top contender for MVP of any property management project.

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About Rugged

The Toughest UTV Cargo Toppers In The Industry!

The founders of Rugged have a passion for the outdoors. We use UTVs in our everyday lives for both work and recreation, putting them through a lot of elements and riding in a variety of environments. Therefore, we needed a UTV topper that could hold up as well as our hard-working UTVs. We also wanted to ensure that any valuable equipment we stored in the back of our UTVs was safe and protected.

At Rugged, we stand 100% behind our products and our craftsmanship. All Rugged toppers are designed and manufactured right here in Wisconsin. Rugged is the ONLY manufacturer using fiberglass for UTV cargo bed enclosures. Our products are designed to be unique, durable, and high-quality. Customer service is our number one priority. We are always available for questions and assistance. Contact Rugged today for more information on a cargo topper for your UTV!

Unbelievable quality

You can stand right on top of them like a ladder or platform! They hold more weight on top than they weigh! Unbelievable quality and diversifies uses for your UTV!!


Best thing ever when it comes to UTV’s!!!

I love my topper!! Thank you guys for the best thing ever when it comes to UTV’s!!!


😮💪 Great Company


Protection While Trailering

What many people don’t realize is how nice it is to not have all your stuff blow out of the back while trailering! And the additional dry storage while trailering – I’d get hit by rain or on long towing routes.


Solid Equipment!👍🏻


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What’s Your Rugged story?

At one point or another, all UTV owners and users have wished for a more practical cargo bed and safer storage. As impressive as UTVs are, the limited cargo space and overall functionality of the bed can be underwhelming. The Rugged topper adds an additional 38 to 42 cubic feet of storage space, locks to prevent thefts, and is weatherproof to keep mud, rain, snow, and water off of your gear and cargo.

To help show off these cool features, we are looking for UTV enthusiasts and advocates to spread the word of what Rugged offers. We want to hear your stories of how you wish you had a solution like Rugged to help protect your belongings, and, of course, if you own a Rugged system already, we would love to hear your feedback and encourage you to share photos and videos via social media. Don’t forget to use our hashtag! #getrugged

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