The toughest UTV Toppers

Durable. Secure. American-Made
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Whether for work or play, whether you are a farmer or hunter, whether for ice fishing or hitting the trails, Rugged UTV Toppers are built to be DURABLE and VERSATILE!

Why Rugged? Our name says it ALL!

The Rugged fiberglass topper is designed to handle the toughest, most demanding environments, making it the leading UTV accessory to haul, store, and protect your gear.

We are unlike other UTV toppers which are made of aluminum or plastic, both of which are not built for long-lasting protection, durability, or security. "Rugged" is the perfect name for our fiberglass toppers because they are built to endure the toughest elements and absorb impacts better than any other topper on the market! PLUS, our toppers are lockable to protect and safeguard your equipment.

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Don't miss out! Save $500 on Rugged UTV Toppers + get a FREE Shelf! (code FREESHELF) Sale ends Labor Day!

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Excellent product. Very well
built and designed. Perfect
for ice fishing this winter!!

Garry C.

I must tell you that I have been buying accessories for my UTVs, snowmobiles, and trucks for over 40 years and hands down your topper is by far the best when comparing quality. Even the holes lined up perfectly from
the bed to the topper.

Gregory B.

The quality and design are very impressive! Solid Equipment! 👍🏻

Greg Glessinger

What many people don't realize
is how nice it is to not have all
your stuff blow out of the back
while trailering and the additional dry storage while trailering if hit by rain on long towing routes.

Empire Land Management

I love my topper!! Thank
you guys for the best thing ever when it comes to UTVs!!!

Adam Anderson

Tough to live without one once
you try one! UTV without a
topper is like only having 3
wheels on your truck!

Empire Land Management

This seriously is a necessity for
my side by side. Absolutely
love it!

Adam Anderson

A must-have product for when
the weather gets bad.

Rich G.

The topper was shipped in
a great pallet system and arrived in perfect condition. The quality of the fiberglass and gel coat is better than what's on my 50K boat. I want to thank you for a great product and your great personal touch while picking it
up at your warehouse.

Gregory B.

I love it. You make an awesome product that is very easy to install and it looks great.

Tim A.