How it works


After purchasing a topper at full price, candidate applies for Rugged’s Affiliate Program. Team Rugged reviews application and approves Affiliates that have the right audience and influence to help grow the Rugged brand and sell toppers.


Once admitted into the Affiliate Program, Rugged provides Affiliate with a unique discount code to offer to followers when promoting Rugged toppers through social media posts, e-mail blasts, blogs, etc. Affiliate also tags Rugged in Facebook and Instagram posts.


When sharing content through digital channels, Affiliate will include a link to Rugged's website ( and Affiliate's unique discount code in the image and/or message so followers can easily navigate to the Rugged product page and apply the discount code during checkout. 


When a customer purchases Rugged products using Affiliate's unique discount code, Team Rugged will track and credit that Affiliate for their efforts to promote the Rugged brand and products. 

Affiliates are encouraged to post at least two times per month with a photo or video, referencing the Rugged topper and the discount code. Creative freedom on capturing and promoting the Rugged Topper is also encouraged. In addition, Rugged values all feedback that Affiliates can provide regarding the Rugged topper.


  • Rugged will monitor Affiliate’s posts using social listening techniques and regular check-ins to ensure compliance and to maintain a healthy relationship with Affiliate.
  • Rugged can use Affiliate’s photos and videos in Rugged’s marketing efforts beyond social media to ensure the growth of the brand. 
  • Affiliate gives permission to Rugged to use any and all content on Affiliate’s social media channels for Rugged’s own marketing efforts – including photo shopping and altering photos if need be.


  • Commission level starts at 2%. 
  • Reevaluated every 6 months to determine if Affiliate has reached next level. If so, then Affiliate will move up to next commission level. 
  • After two consecutive periods (one year) of sales in lower level, Affiliate will move down to level of most recent period.

Commission Levels

Level 1: 2% / 1-10 toppers per year
Level 2: 3.5% / 11-30 toppers per year
Level 3: 5% / 31+ toppers per year

Payment Process

  • Affiliate earns commission as outlined here on all toppers sold using their unique discount code.
  • Payments are made to Affiliate twice a year as long as accumulated earnings are at least $200.
  • January-June - paid in July
  • July-December - paid in January

The Rugged Community


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Select any of the buttons on this page and fill in our affiliate form.

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Post Content

Be creative! Capture images and produce videos of you and your crew using the Rugged Topper. Let your followers know how awesome it is and that if they want to get their hands on one, they should use your discount code when purchasing product from Post your discount code and the Rugged website link with your content to your favorite digital content channels.

Increase Sales

Our program creates the opportunity to generate side cash all they way to having a steady income stream while giving you the tools and transparency needed to perform.

  • We will review and approve the sale.
  • You will receive commission payouts.

Need Inspiration?

Adam Anderson is a Rugged Affiliate. He found us through our social advertising efforts and reached out as he wanted to buy a topper for his Polaris Ranger. After talking with Adam, we knew he would be an amazing addition to our growing community and encouraged him to join our Affiliate Program. The content below are examples of a video Adam recorded on his iPhone to help us promote our presence at the Iowa Deer Classic and a static image he posted on his Instagram feed while patrolling his property looking for sheds. These are great examples of how a Rugged Affiliate can easily produce content that will help promote the Rugged topper and ultimately generate sales through their engaged network.