Why Fiberglass? We Needed The Toughest Material To Take On Extreme Environments.

Why Fiberglass? We Needed The Toughest Material To Take On Extreme Environments.

Travis Trepanier, founder and owner of Rugged Toppers, had one thing in mind when choosing the material for Rugged Toppers — quality. At Rugged, we wanted to make a UTV accessory that can withstand anything you throw at it. That is why we chose to make our toppers out of fiberglass. You work hard to enjoy your UTV and the gear you haul with it. We work hard to protect it. 


All Rugged Toppers are manufactured at MEKCO Manufacturing in Wisconsin. MEKCO is a fiberglass manufacturing company that builds products to stand the test of time and weather. Adam Schneider, president and CEO of MEKCO, uses fiberglass because it is tough. Fiberglass can take a beating without easily denting. Rugged toppers are made to be used in tough environments, being more likely to survive heavy blows from time to time, such as a tree branch falling or a heavy object hitting it. MEKCO already has other fiberglass products successfully distributed and performing throughout the country. We are confident that Rugged’s fiberglass toppers can withstand the extreme weather in any state, from the climates of Alaska to Texas and everywhere in between.


Not only is fiberglass tough, but it is lightweight as well. When developing the toppers, one of Rugged’s concerns was that adding a topper on top of a UTV could affect the UTV’s center of gravity. However, your UTV will remain balanced with a Rugged fiberglass topper. You won’t even feel the difference. Fiberglass is a composite material made of resin and glass, which gives it a high stiffness-to-mass ratio, meaning that it is lightweight and durable. Fiberglass is the perfect balance of weight and toughness! Since Rugged Toppers are lightweight, shipping them won’t break the bank either. 


The quality of Rugged’s fiberglass toppers is checked at every point in the manufacturing process. The toppers are weighed after application of the gel coat, again after application of the glass coat, and finally after they are trimmed and cleaned up to ensure that the mass of the fiberglass is correct in the finished product. Each and every Rugged topper is made with precision and care to ensure that customers receive a product that meets or exceeds their expectations.


Rugged Toppers are built to stand the test of time. They are made to protect all of your valuable gear. They are made to be Rugged. Get your topper today at ruggedtoppers.com, and watch our latest YouTube video all about fiberglass at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzJjGYDHbn8.