Wisconsin Deer Hunting Traditions - Blending Old and New with Rugged UTV Toppers

Wisconsin Deer Hunting Traditions - Blending Old and New with Rugged UTV Toppers

Wisconsin has long been known as a hunter's paradise, and deer hunting season is a cherished tradition for countless hunters in the state.

It's a time of camaraderie, adventure, and a deep connection to the great outdoors. In this blog post, we'll explore the time-honored traditions that hunters have held dear for generations, while also shedding light on how modern innovations, such as UTV toppers from RuggedToppers.com, are revolutionizing the way hunters prepare for and experience the hunt. Whether you're a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or a novice hunter, the rich heritage of Wisconsin deer hunting is bound to captivate you.

Preparing the Hunting Grounds

Every hunting season, Wisconsin hunters embark on a series of time-honored rituals to prepare the hunting grounds. These rituals go beyond setting up a tree stand and awaiting the arrival of whitetail deer. They include creating food plots, setting up a number of stands, cutting shooting lanes, and building habitats to ensure a successful hunting season.

  1. Food Plots: Wisconsin hunters often dedicate hours to planting food plots filled with nutritious crops like clover, alfalfa, and brassicas. These attract deer to the area and provide them with sustenance throughout the season.
  2. Tree Stands and Ground Blinds: Hunters carefully choose locations for their tree stands and ground blinds, selecting spots that offer a clear line of sight and easy access. It's a tradition that ensures a comfortable and productive hunting experience.
  3. Shooting Lanes: Cutting shooting lanes through the underbrush is another common practice. This ensures that hunters have a clear shot at their quarry, preventing the dense Wisconsin woods from obstructing their aim.
  4. Building Habitats: Some hunters go the extra mile by building habitats that can serve as sanctuaries for deer. This not only helps wildlife throughout the year but also increases the chances of encountering a whitetail buck during the season.
Deer hunting memories with friends and family in Wisconsin.

Meeting Friends and Family at Cabins and Hunting Camps

Hunting in Wisconsin is not just about bagging a big buck; it's also about forging lasting relationships and creating unforgettable memories. Hunters often gather at cabins and hunting camps to reconnect with friends and family, carry forward old traditions, and create new ones. While the bow season spans a number of months, the main gun season is only nine days long and brings the largest population of hunters into the Wisconsin outdoors.

  1. Lucky Items and Practices: Many hunters have their own lucky charms or rituals that they bring along or do each season: a special pair of socks or a necklace passed down from a grandparent, a big pot of chili on the stove after the first day in the woods, a certain antler on a head mount that gets rubbed before heading out the door to the stand. These cherished customs are believed to bring good fortune and success in the current hunt.
  2. Camouflage and Blaze Orange Apparel: Wearing camouflage apparel is a testament to blending into the environment, whether in traditional or modern camo patterns. And come the 9-day gun season, the blaze orange jackets, pants, vests, and hats ensure safety. Some hunters sport the same attire they've worn for years, perhaps even passed down through generations. Others use their blaze orange not only for hunting but also for other cold weather activities, like cheering on their favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers, at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field...even though it's not green and gold, it's warm!
  3. Fine-Tuning Bows and Guns: Prior to the hunting season, hunters meticulously fine-tune their bows and guns, ensuring that both the equipment and the marksman's skill are in peak condition for the challenges that lie ahead. This practice pays homage to the value of preparation and craftsmanship.
  4. Thanksgiving meal: The 9-day gun hunt falls over Thanksgiving. Many hunters take that day or afternoon off of hunting and spend their time watching football, eating turkey, and catching up with the rest of the family. However, for some families, the hunters' RSVPs to the Thanksgiving lunch are always a "maybe" as it depends upon whether they've bagged a buck yet!
  5. All the Stories: Perhaps one of the best traditions of deer camp are the tales that are told. Hunters come back in the evening with an anecdote of the big buck with his nose to the ground that wouldn't stop and provide an opportunity for a shot. Sometimes there may be a tattling from a young hunter of how long Grampa dozed off during the hunt and how loud his snoring was and then Grampa usually has a similar story about his grandchild from that same day! The tales of a successful hunt often are retold over and over: what part of the woods the deer came from, how long the hunter held aim before shooting, where the target was hit, how long it took to track the deer, and more. On occasion, the details may even be embellished...just a bit!
Fall deer hunting season in Wisconsin using the Rugged UTV Topper

Hunting with UTVs - A Modern Twist on Tradition

In recent years, hunting with UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles) has become an integral part of the Wisconsin deer hunting experience. These versatile machines have transformed the way hunters approach the hunt, offering practicality, convenience, and enhanced efficiency.

  1. Hauling in Gear: UTVs are equipped to transport hunting gear to remote hunting stands and campsites. This eliminates the arduous trek on foot while ensuring that hunters have everything they need for a comfortable stay in the wilderness.
  2. Retrieving Harvested Game: After a successful hunt, UTVs are invaluable for transporting the harvested deer back to the hunting camp. This not only makes the process more manageable but also preserves the meat's quality.

Rugged UTV Toppers - The Ultimate Companion

Rugged UTV Toppers from RuggedToppers.com are an essential addition to any modern hunter's arsenal. These toppers are designed to fit securely on your UTV, offering protection for your gear and equipment while ensuring that everything arrives safely at your hunting destination.

Taking Action

No matter what your hunting tradition is, there's room for innovation and new experiences. Incorporating modern conveniences like UTV toppers can help build memories that last a lifetime and make the hunting experience even more enjoyable. Visit RuggedToppers.com to explore a range of products that can enhance your Wisconsin deer hunting adventure.


Wisconsin deer hunting traditions beautifully blend the old with the new. As hunters prepare the grounds, meet with friends and family, and fine-tune their equipment, they pay homage to the rich heritage of the sport. Today, UTVs and accessories like Rugged UTV Toppers are revolutionizing the way hunters approach their craft, offering convenience and efficiency without compromising the essence of tradition. So, whether you're a seasoned hunter or a novice, consider embracing the modern while respecting the past. Build your own memories and experiences that will endure for generations to come. Happy hunting!

Using the Rugged UTV Topper to help with hauling gear and prepping hunting land for the fall deer hunting seasons