The Rugged UTV Topper: The Leading Option to Haul Your Ice Fishing Gear

The Rugged UTV Topper: The Leading Option to Haul Your Ice Fishing Gear

Side-by-side ice fishing setups are becoming more popular as anglers look to expand upon their abilities to locate fish faster, stay on the ice longer, travel farther distances, carry more gear to accommodate all potential needs, and of course, create even more memorable experiences.

There are many brands and solutions to help support transportation, warmth, sustenance, fishing, etc., but what about protecting and hauling all these items? As ice fishermen continue to push the limits, they will need additional solutions to accommodate their increased needs and expectations. Rugged UTV Toppers are the toughest, best-suited solution to haul and protect these items from extreme winter conditions, allowing anglers to go further, faster, and to continue to make those new memories that will last a lifetime. Make your UTV the best side-by-side for ice fishing when you cover the bed with a Rugged UTV Topper!

Here at Rugged, we found that fiberglass is the best material to use for a UTV topper. Our 0.25” thick fiberglass can withstand cold temperatures and can handle weight against and on top of it. Aluminum, canvas, or plastic toppers will never last as long as a fiberglass Rugged UTV Topper. Plus, with a fiberglass topper, you don’t need to worry about blown rivets, cracked welds, punctures, dents, or sharp metal edges and corners that could easily cut you and your gear.

Let’s talk about ALL THAT GEAR!! From jigging rods and tip-ups to fish finders and underwater cameras, ice fishermen know a thing or two about setting yourself up for success. No one wants to invest in all that equipment, much of it quite expensive, to not have a way to safely transport it so that it’s on hand when you need it. And who wants to find it all coated in a layer of snow and ice in the back of your UTV after traveling to the next hot spot? That’s where a Rugged UTV Topper comes in!

Within minutes, you can have a Rugged UTV Topper mounted on the bed of the UTV. No drilling or modifications to the cab are necessary, and the Rugged Topper is designed specifically for your model of UTV, so it fits just right. And easy as that, you have a safe space for your equipment. The seals around the base and around the door of a Rugged UTV Topper ensure that the elements of Mother Nature stay out of the UTV bed, so even if you have to traverse a snowy or slushy lake to get to where the fish are biting, you can rest easy knowing that your expensive gear is staying put and staying dry. And if you need to step away from your UTV to check another spot or maybe even grab a bite to eat, your valuables are secure under the Rugged UTV Topper thanks to the locking door.

In order to fit as much as you can in the 38+ cubic feet of storage space, Rugged offers a custom-designed shelf that fits inside the Rugged Topper on top of the bed rail. With the ability to fold in half, the shelf is easy to put in and take out with the Rugged Topper on the UTV. It makes it easy to stack, store, and organize your equipment by keeping some items below the shelf and some on top of the shelf. Choose a shelf with precut holes, slide a 5-gallon pail inside each hole, and you now have the perfect spot for your rods, tip-ups, or even fish! If you don’t need to use the shelf hole for an outing that day, then simply pop in the included hole cover, and you have a solid shelf. Plus, the folding option allows you to choose if you want the whole space divided, allowing you to store and separate your equipment on top of and below the shelf, or if you want to fold the shelf and have only half of the bed divided, giving you the ability to still store and transport taller items in front of or behind the folded shelf.

Flexibility and customization in storage is key, so every Rugged UTV Topper comes with bolts in the roof that you can use with any type of accessory or storage device you may create or find. Customers have used these threaded inserts for securing racks to the roof of the topper or for installing inside rod storage at the ceiling of the topper. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re an avid ice fisherman, then you know that having the right gear is essential to a successful outing. That’s why the Rugged UTV Topper is such a great investment for anyone who loves fishing on frozen lakes and rivers. This top-of-the-line product will keep all that expensive gear dry, organized, and protected from all of the elements while you’re out on the hard water. So take your side-by-side ice fishing setup to the next level with a Rugged UTV Topper – you won’t regret it!