The Most Durable UTV Topper On The Market Is An Easy Choice For Resellers

The Most Durable UTV Topper On The Market Is An Easy Choice For Resellers

An estimated 410,000 U.S. households will purchase UTV accessories over a 12-month period, meaning over 82% of owners will upgrade their side-by-sides. We want to make sure we are there with quality toppers for these owners.

As Team Rugged continues to grow our brand and find more ways to sell our products, we are excited to develop strategic relationships with resellers! If you carry various UTV brands and models at your motorsports shop and are interested in keeping up with the latest accessories in order to offer better solutions and experiences to your customers, then we would love to hear from you!


Cedar Creek Motorsports, Feldmann Sales and Services, and Fred’s Fastrac Sales and Service are early adopters of the Rugged topper. All three companies have confirmed incredible UTV sales and are looking for additional products and solutions to provide and engage their current and future customers. Rugged is the perfect UTV accessory for resellers to add to their product lineup.

We will continue to see this market growing and customization along with it. I believe it is extremely important to understand your customer base and how they are spending their disposable income. Having a customer in your retail outlet and offering more products that cross over into another hobby, such as UTVs, makes sense. They are already used to your service levels and expanding the offerings allows the retailer to gain share of wallet.
— Henk Van Dongen, director of marketing for Omix-ADA

If you would like more information regarding our customizable, secure, fiberglass UTV toppers, please reach out and a Rugged team member will be with you shortly. If you would like to become an advocate for Rugged to help grow and share our brand, we encourage you to reach out as well.