Rugged Puts Its Name To The Test At Mud Nation Events

Rugged Puts Its Name To The Test At Mud Nation Events

In our efforts to get the Rugged name and products out into the world, we felt it was important to get feedback from a tough group of people who like to push their ATV and UTVs to the limit and who are not afraid to get a little dirty. So, we made sure to take our turn at the Mud National Events at Quadna Mountain Park, and we were pleased that we did not disappoint.

I was impressed to see not only how well the Rugged topper stay attached to bed of the side-by-side, but also how well it kept water and mud out of the cargo area. This topper clearly was given the right name. 
— Rick Keely, UTV owner and enthusiast

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out our (mud proof) toppers!

Please follow us to see what we are up to with new product releases and to see what environments we test our toppers next!

    • Durable – Made from quarter-inch thick fiberglass

    • Increased storage – Adds 38 cubic feet of cargo space

    • Secure – Lock your cargo and gear without worry of loss or theft.

    • Customizable – Add extra acrylic windows (comes standard with two), shelves, lights, bucket holders, etc. to make your UTV even more practical.

    • Easy installation – Installs in minutes

    • Made in Wisconsin

If you would like more information regarding our customizable, secure, fiberglass UTV toppers, please reach out and a Rugged team member will be with you shortly. If you would like to become an advocate for Rugged to help grow and share our brand, we encourage you to reach out as well.